About Us

Hi, I am Teresa! After making caramels for friends and family at Christmastime for many years, a friend talked me into starting up this business in January 2022. We had our first sales experience in July 2022 at a local festival, where we completely sold out. The response has been so great, it is very encouraging! 

The name Cascade Caramel reflects the beautiful area where we live and work in the Pacific Northwest. I also love the double meaning of a cascade of caramel flavor happening when you bite into these delicious morsels!

In April 2023, we partnered with We Do Fudge (some of the best people you will ever meet!) and now share the space, providing many flavors of fudge, caramels, and cashew delight to customers between April 30 - Dec 21, Tues - Sat, 12-5pm. Our Drive Thru Fudge and Caramels stand is located at 11 Valley Center Place in Carlsborg, just outside of Sequim, WA.

We hope you will give our caramels a try and see for yourself what a difference fresh ingredients makes. Feel free to send me any comments or questions you may have on our Contact page.



.Check out our events page to see where to find us in person!

-My husband Jeff and I at the Salmon Days festival in Issaquah, WA Check out our events page to see where you can find us in person!

Our fudge and caramels drive thru in Sequim, WA

Our fudge and caramels drive thru in Sequim, WA.